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P.I.N.K. Club


Pretty, Innovative, Nice and Kind! (PINK) is an organization that strives to improve and enhance the lives of young ladies in all aspects. Its pillars are 1) self-improvement, 2) academic improvement, 3) social and cultural enrichment, and 4) community involvement. PINK accepts female students who have been enrolled for at least four weeks before applying. The application includes a statement pertaining to leadership as well as a requirement of two teacher signatures.


Fee: $30.00 which includes the cost of a PINK shirt. After initial membership drive, the fee drops to $10, but new members will NOT receive a PINK shirt. 


Sponsor: Mrs. Shawana Johnson




Science Club

Science Club envisions catalyzing a fully diverse and inclusive STEM community.  Our mission is to “foster excitement, confidence, and literacy in STEM for students, by maximizing meaningful interactions with  mentor teachers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.”

Sponsors: Veronica Manaway, Kristian Collins and Sabrina Barnes




Junior Beta Club 

Jr. Beta Club promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, services, and leadership among elementary and secondary students

T.I.E.S Club


Thoughtful, Intelligent, Exemplary, and Strength (TIES) is an organization that seeks to teach and improve the lives of gentlemen at Lillie Burney. TIES wishes to do this through self-improvement, increasing academic ability, teaching valuable social and life lessons, and involvement with the community. ALL male students are accepted into TIES if certain guidelines are met. Each potential TIES member must fill out fill out an application that states why they would like to join TIES and requires two teacher signatures.


Fee: $30.00 which includes the cost of the TIES polo shirt.


Sponsors: Steven Miller