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Local Leaders Promote Reading at Burney

posted Jan 25, 2011, 7:15 PM by HPSD Webmaster   [ updated Jan 26, 2011, 8:09 AM ]

Every year for the past 8 years Lillie Burney has awarded a computer to the top reader in Accelerated Reading. In May of 2010 the winner was Mark Gould, a sixth grader. Mr. And Mrs. Clarence Magee, Rev. Wilhemina Winston and St James Methodist Episcopal Church helped provide a brand new Netbook computer to our top reader. How did Mark Gould win a computer? He read 319 points in Accelerated Reading at Lillie Burney Elementary this year. What books did he enjoy reading the most and would he recommend them to other students? Enquiring minds want to know. An interesting point is that his brother, Burnell Gould earned the computer award two years ago at Burney Elementary. Now once again Burnell is a top reader as an 8thgrader, this year at Burger Middle School.


When talking to his Mom, she said, “Both boys enjoy reading and are expected to continue reading during the summer.” Maybe that is why they were seen visiting the Hattiesburg Public Library last week or could it be that they just enjoy the benefits of reading!


Mark and Burnell Gould have both discovered that their love of reading has also helped them earn computers by spending time with books. Parents can help their children continue to grow and learn throughout the year by simply taking them to the Hattiesburg Public Library and setting aside a special time of the day for reading. Encourage your child to pick some non-fiction reading that includes science and history. Read every day!

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